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Years later, having achieved numismatic value, these coins were repaired through various means.As the affected area usually includes design features, these will show evidence of re-engraving.Moderate wear on many elements with heavy wear on high points.CHOPMARK REPAIR reveals that a chopmark (see MECHANICAL DAMAGE) has been fully or partially effaced through tooling or filling.FS-014.87 MINT ERROR Nickel VF Details NGC. This 1916 Buffalo Nickel Double Die Obverse has been certified as MS-61 by NGC one of the top two coin grading services.Many older coins, particularly Bust type silver dollars and gold dollars, were worn as jewelry generations ago.

Though this work is often skillfully performed, most experts will spot the repair, and such coins cannot be graded numerically. Read more.NGC 50th anniversary Kennedy Coin Details DARK STITCH 626. Loading. (NGC 63) Coin Collection - Duration: 6:59.

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NGC Details grading assigns an adjectival grade to a coin with surface problems based on the amount of wear as a result of circulation.This is usually the result of accidental mishandling rather than intentional cleaning, but it still requires Details Grading.MOUNT REMOVED indicates that the coin was formerly mounted to a ring or bezel and that this attachment has left evidence of its one-time presence.

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Most color alterations are performed through the application of chemicals, fillers or heat. Read more.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is a privately owned, international coin certification service based in Sarasota, Florida.Starting September 1, 2009, NGC will begin encapsulating coins with detrimental surface conditions using details grades and descriptions of their impairments.

The severity and location of the detrimental surface condition is often just as important as the NGC Details grade when determining value.All coins have been professionally listed and imaged by GreatCollections expert staff.This may be narrowed down a bit by specifying OBV DAMAGE, REV DAMAGE, RIM DAMAGE or EDGE DAMAGE.NGC Coin Details helps coin collectors verify authenticity and make more informed buying and selling decisions.

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It may be used to obscure normal circulation damage or signs of jewelry use.

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NGC Coin Details helps coin collectors verify authenticity and make more informed buying.Learn about Professional Coin Grading Services such as PCGS, NGC, CAC, and when to get a certified coin or uncertified.CORROSION is a problem for most metals, though gold and platinum are nearly immune to its effects.MOUNTED refers to some sort of jewelry attachment still present with the coin.WIPED describes a coin that displays surface hairlines in one or more isolated areas.Conditions detrimental to coins are those involving unsuitable storage containers, extremes of heat and humidity, as well as atmospheric pollutants and saltwater.

Lacking any official sanction, these punchings are considered just damage.

This was a common practice with silver coins, particularly trade dollars, circulating in Southeast Asia.

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When a single side of the coin is affected, the terms OBV TOOLED and REV TOOLED are used.NGC, as a general rule, will not assign numeric grades to coins having minor flaws such as rim clips or laminations.Along with this adjectival NGC Details grade, a description of the surface problem is noted on the NGC certification label.

Buy 2017 1 oz Gold American Buffalo Coins (NGC MS70 ER) from - the bullion market leader.Among the most common reasons for a coin to receive Details Grading is unskilled and improper cleaning.Coins that have been improperly cleaned, are holed, have scratches or certain other issues cannot be assigned a numeric grade from 1 to 70.